Wedding Magic in Winter - Love and Happiness from our Family

A December not too long ago, we hosted our daughter's fairy-tale wedding here at our own Tomlinson Family Farm Wedding and Event Barn. It only seemed appropriate, as her two sisters also held their own special nuptials right here. It seems that with each of the events, my husband, Mark, has added something else, creating more and more memories. Not surprising from a custom home builder, but still always a treat. This helps solidify for us, that this event location has indeed become a business for our family. One which we are very excited to embark upon!

Our daughter, Abbie, completely trusts our style and choices, so she handed over the planning of the entire event to us – save the dress. We left that to her! As with our first two daughters' weddings, we knew we needed to create a lifetime of memories, and we sure did. My husband and I have always been good at decorating and creating things for our children, so designing wedding days was only another labor of love for us that dates back to their childhood. Mark built a new stage and a gorgeous dance-floor which guests danced the night away on. The stage housed our very own grand piano, which was played by a college friend of mine who accompanied a former contestant of The Voice! Mark decorated the back of the barn with layers of magnolia, cedar, and lights to give it a fantasy-land feel. It was absolutely breathtaking and timeless.

The ceremony was as beautiful as a ceremony should be. The reception was nothing short of magical. While the song, Feels Like Home, was being sung, the new couple enjoyed their first dance as snowflakes gently fell from the machine Mark had hung in the rafters. The newlyweds departed in an Antique 1938 Packard, which my father-in-law provided. Quite a way to make an exit, indeed! It was yet another thrill for us to provide this moment for a child of ours. We have been blessed to be able to offer this gift to them, and we now look forward to many more weddings for people who we will welcome to the farm with open arms.